Chief Collaboration Officers

The new “C level leadership role” along side of CEO, CFO, etc. is the CCO, Chief Collaboration Officer. In our global network society, both organizations and networks should not work in silos but rather they should be strategically interconnected. The CCO is charged with encouraging strategic relationships where together with others, the organization or network can accomplish more than by working alone.

About us

Linking Global Voices serves the global missions community by focusing on the unique role of networks.
We live in an unprecedented period of mission history. The new paradigm of “from anywhere to everywhere” is by nature complex, resulting in an increasing need to partner with others for effective ministry.
Networks are a strategic tool for ministry leaders navigating the complexities of the globalized world of missions. Mission minded churches and agencies are developing their “network engagement strategy”. Healthy networks facilitate the sharing of resources and are constantly birthing partnerships.

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