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Based on his experiences Klaus Strub wanted to help through practical support and training through professionals, mostly in the field of agriculture and locally adapted technologies. So he founded the working group „Mission and Agriculture“ (AMuL) in 1993.

With increased interest and more attendants in 2003 the name was changed to Christian Community Development Conference(CCDC). The conference aims to empower Christians who are engaged in development cooperation, to question and refine theologically and developmentally their development practice. The conference is oriented in a way that practioners from Germany / Europe and abroad get a chance to speak. This is one of the reasons why CCDC has itself established as a forum for networking and training.

Being able to invite international speakers and participants, English was selected as conference language.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Evangelikaler Missionen e.V.(AEM), Micah Global and the European Evangelical Mission Association (EEMA) jointly share responsibility and the carrying out of the conference.


Issue Focus
Development, Relief & Development