Advocates International

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Phone Number
(571) 319-0100



About Us:  Advocates International® is the Largest, Oldest, Most Efficient, Legal Aid Organization You’ve Never Heard of Before. Why is that? Because getting things done is more important to us than getting the credit, and most of the time that means doing things effectively, not publicly. When confronted with issues across the globe where most organizations would send an American Lawyer to file a lawsuit, and publicly enter the trenches of a long litigation battle, we use one of our 30,000 Local Advocates to ask whoever is in charge of the situation “How may we serve you?” Sometimes a public battle in court or before a legislative body is unavoidable but our “How can we serve you” principle often means trading public notoriety for tremendous results.

Seven Core Functions

  • Christ Centeredness Maintained
  • Core Values Protected
  • Communications Facilitated
  • Conferences Encouraged and Enabled
  • Calls to Action Considered, Coordinated and Communicated Globally
  • Community Encouraged and Nurtured
  • Costs Counted, Considered, Contributed, and Distributed


Issue Focus
Persecution, Religious Liberty, Advocacy, Ethics, Peace & Justice