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What is the role of the church in the public square?

We start by exploring “Why does the church exist? How should it be expressed and engaged in the world?”

This regional consultation seeks to unpack the why and the how and what the church’s role and responsibility is in the public square within the Asian context. As a minority faith group, often restricted and marginalised, the space to engage is often assumed to be too difficult? Through robust discussion, drawing on theology and good practice examples, we hope to discern what God is calling us to say and do (integral mission), both regionally and nationally in Asia.

Aims and Objectives of Consultation

  • To understand, articulate and contextualise our theology for the public square.
  • To rethink church and mission in view of our understanding of the Kingdom of God and what is required of us.
  • To outline our understanding of what a flourishing community looks like, and to explore good practice approaches to enable communities to live life in all its fullness.
  • To review the role of the aid and mission organisations, local churches, faith groups, government and business in the pursuit of a healthy and integrated community.
  • To explore what discipling a nation entails and how we can effectively advocate for good policies and practices to be applied. This includes the role of campaigning, lobbying and advocacy as a means for good and lasting change.
  • To discuss the emerging role of social media, communication, arts, music and research as an essential platform for awareness raising and advocating for good practice.
  • To re-think interfaith engagement towards a common good for our nations.
  • To explore peace and reconciliation processes within the public square.
  • To discern together the importance of engaging the up-and-coming generations in the public square.
  • To explore God’s Word and review our theologically understanding of God’s perspective for the church, the Kingdom of God and the Public Square.
  • To explore specific issues of concern within the Integral Mission and the Public Square including: disaster mitigation and resilience, conflict and reconciliation, good leadership, Kingdom lifestyle, restorative economy, gender-based violence, urban shalom, good governance, creation care and the Sustainable Development Goals.