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North America is increasingly becoming a post-textual society that relies on oral communication.  Our lives are more and more influenced through oral and visual means such as art, stories, songs, drama, audio, film, and digital media.  The term “oral communicators” is now being used to describe people in North America who prefer to use oral and visual communication.  This is a term that’s been used for decades to describe people in other parts of the world.     

 Globally, 80% of the world’s population are considered oral communicators by necessity or by preference.  Now, North America is joining the rest of the world in seeing an increase in oral communicators.  This includes people from oral cultures living in North America, as well as indigenous and First Nations people, the elderly, the visually or hearing-impaired, as well as “digital natives".

 This shift in the way people communicate, and are influenced, has a significant impact on churches, denominations, and ministries seeking to share God’s Word and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Traditional methods that rely on reading and writing are facing this changing landscape of different communication methods, different media channels, and the different thought processes of oral communicators.  The message of the Gospel has not changed, but how we communicate it is changing.

 The 2019 ION North America Regional Conference is open to all people interested in sharing the Gospel and making disciples of Jesus Christ.  Would you join us as we reaffirm the centrality and truth of God’s Word, while seeking ways to more effectively bear witness to Jesus Christ in this changing world?  

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