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The name, Buluşma Noktası (pronounced "Bu-loosh-ma Nok-ta-suh" or phonetically "buluʃma noktasɯ"), literally means ‘meeting point.’ You will see ‘Buluşma Noktası’ in Turkish airports where friends and family have made arrangements ahead of time to meet up amidst the rush and chaos of the crowd. 

The Turkish root of the term connotes “being found together.”  Much like Jesus’ disciples were known to have been “together” with him or “found together” in the upper room on Pentecost, we aim to be found together with Him and with one another awaiting His coming to join us.

For us, Buluşma Noktası carries a strong prophetic call for “heart to heart,” face to face meetings of those God is inviting to partner in the advance of his work in Turkey - leaders from the Church in Turkey, leaders from the Foreign Worker groups, and leaders from the Global Church.

Thus we are - Gathering Together in Christ…In Turkey…For Christ…For Turkey.