Global Diaspora Network (GDN)

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About: "Fulfilling God's redemptive mission among the people on the move" - The Global Diaspora Network is a catalytic movement that motivates and mobilizes followers of Christ to fully participate in God's mission to, through, and beyond diaspora peoples.

Ministry Philosophy: GDN is a catalytic movement that motivates and mobilizes Diaspora Christians to fulfill God’s missional purpose for the people on the move. It operates under the Lausanne Movement and embraces its philosophy of ministry: “Together we seek to bear witness to Jesus Christ and all his teachings, in every part of the world—not only geographically, but in every sphere of society and in the realm of ideas”.

Our Vision: Our vision is to see the global Church, mission leaders, and agencies empowered and responding effectively to the missional opportunities presented by global migration and diaspora communities. Further, we envision leading seminaries and learning institutions across the globe to provide focused training in Diaspora Missiology that will produce future leaders who are equipped, engaging and spirit-filled.

Our Goal: GDN will organize a global forum of diaspora specialists, experts, movers, and practitioners in March 2015 in Manila, Philippines—the first global diaspora collaboration of its kind working together to address key and complex issues surrounding diaspora missions and aims to produce a compendium—a comprehensive resource, that will be indispensable to holistic mission strategy of the 21st century missions. The Compendium, a premiere volume, will be GDN’s contribution to the global church for the cause of world evangelization.

Our Mandate: The People On The Move has serious implications toward world evangelization; therefore GDN focuses its mandate on the following:

  1. Accelerate the development of Diaspora Missiology (i.e., a missiological framework for understanding and participating in God’s redemptive mission among people living outside their place of origin) in the tertiary level of leading seminaries, universities, & learning institutions in order to produce missions’ scholars and develop more leaders and credible practitioners in the 21st missions arena.
  2. Because People On The Move are not only subjects of evangelism and church growth, they have also become powerful agents of gospel proclamation, GDN aims to catalyze the global church and missions agencies to proclaim the whole gospel and engage in effective evangelism to and through the Diasporas in regions beyond and around.
  3. GDN fosters theological thinking in various dialogues and consultations with other thinkers in diaspora in order to develop interdisciplinary curriculum, courses, programs, research projects and publications, resource books, and textbooks for mission and ministry education at the tertiary level.
  4. Network with fellow academics, mission agencies, NGOs, and local churches as deemed appropriate.
  5. Equip local churches by developing programs and media for awareness and training, models, manuals, workbooks, and case study books.


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