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To request an invitation to SGCC2022 or to receive more information, write to: info@sahelinitiative.org

Registration link: https://intre.org?563

Should I attend SGCC? Are you passionate about seeing the Kingdom of God manifested among all the peoples of the Sahel? If so, then the answer is "Yes!" During the SGCC2022, you will have the opportunity to meet many other like-minded people. 

What is the purpose of SGCC? During SGCC, people actively involved in ministry throughout the Sahel will gather together to share their experiences, reflect on best practices, and renew our vision to serve as a catalyst to encourage Kingdom movements across the region. 

What is the program for SGCC? SGCC will take place from 11 -14 October 2022, with arrival on 10 October and departure on the evening of 14 October. Day 1 of SGCC will focus on Bible access in Sahel countries with speakers from SIL International and United Bible Societies. Day 2 will focus on church planting or Kingdom movements with two missiologists as speakers. Day 3 will focus on holistic development ministries with speakers with experience working in poor rural communities and medical missions. Day 4 will focus on the remaining work to be done in the Sahel region with a call to FINISHING THE TASK!