African Christian Camping (ACC)

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África, África Oriental Burundi, República Democrática del Congo, Etiopía, Kenia, Sudán, Ruanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia

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African Christian Camping (ACC) is a network of Christian Camp practitioners’ committed to developing adventure camping to its optimum potential in Sub-Saharan Africa. We believe that if camp programming is done well, it can maximize the potential of the current and future generation, and point them to Jesus. To achieve this potential, we network practitioners in our continent with like-minded people around the world to provide a platform for sharing best practices, resources and skills. 

ACC is an associate member of Christian Camping international (, a network in over 80 countries around the world, whose members work with over 12 million young people every year.

Nairobi Baptist Church Court, Unit 4

Off Ngong Road

Nairobi Kenya

PO Box 2095-00200


Children, Camping, Youth